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Why Virtual Offices are Ideal for Startups

For start-ups and small businesses, renting a physical office for you and your employees doesn’t always make logistical or financial sense, because of this, many startup business owners find themselves working at home in order to dodge these costs.

As of 2020, working from home is nothing new – however, there is no denying the benefits of having a professional business address and access to meeting rooms and other services that you’d expect from having a physical office.

In this blog, we will cover:

  • What is a virtual office?
  • Why are virtual offices ideal for startups?
  • How to set up your virtual office


What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is where a business pays to have a physical address associated with their business but without actually working from that address. This means employees can work from anywhere but still have things like a mailing address, phone answering services, meeting rooms, and videoconferencing accessible to them.

For home-based entrepreneurs and start-ups looking to gain a more professional image, renting a virtual office could be the perfect solution. It can also serve businesses looking to test a certain area out, as some businesses may be looking to establish a presence in a certain area and need a low cost business address whilst the company grows.

At Pure Offices, our virtual offices allow you to project a professional image with a prime address, telephone number and use of our meeting rooms, without committing to a physical office. You can also benefit from flexible contracts for a genuinely easy ‘in and out’ experience.


Why are virtual offices ideal for start-ups?

There are a whole host of reasons why virtual offices are ideal for start-ups – but many of these benefits are centered on the cost savings that are so important for businesses who are just starting out and perhaps figuring out their finances as they go along.

Low overheads

When you’re a startup company, being frugal with your finances and not spending money on non-essential products and services is paramount. Buying or renting a physical office comes with many overheads; water bills, maintenance, electricity and other costs such as commuting to the office and office supplies can soon rack up and put pressure on startup business owners.

Taking advantage of a virtual office eliminates many of these hefty costs that come with being a startup at a physical office. By reducing your overheads, you can reinvest this money into the areas of your business that matter, and really get your business off the ground.

Prime location (without the cost!)

If you’re wanting to create a presence in a certain area, but can’t afford to be based in that location, then virtual offices are a great choice. Many startups want to establish themselves as being just as reputable and professional as the big companies, but it’s hard to do this without an address that makes you stand out.Access to talent from everywhere

Requiring staff to come into a physical office every day can seriously hinder your ability to recruit the right people and it can also restrict you from finding talent from much further afield.

With a virtual office you can attract the most in-demand candidates – if your employees can work from home, that means you can hire talented employees from across the globe, which significantly increases the talent pool you can choose from. 

You can hire a Marketing Manager who lives in Paris and you can hire an Operations Director that lives in Berlin – all whilst you, the business owner can be stationed in Leeds!

Since the onset of the pandemic, it’s become expected of many businesses to offer remote working, or at least some form of hybrid working arrangements to their employees. Having a virtual office allows for remote working and places your business in an attractive light to prospective employees.

Helps to position yourself as a green company

The carbon footprint left behind by employees commuting to work everyday, (unless everyone can viably cycle or walk!) makes an impact on the environment. Without the need for an every day commute – you’re cutting the carbon footprint of each and every member of your team and you are making a difference.

Virtual offices are a green approach to business, which can help to attract investors and your customers, too. Being ‘green’ also demonstrates your social responsibility to the public and commitment to the environment. This is something that can work in your favour as a marketing and PR tool and, in turn, help you with ensuring your business grows – for all the right reasons.

At Pure Offices, we are reviewing the eco-friendliness of our portfolio of 21 locations and have made a net-zero commitment, where we have set ourselves a number of targets in order to ‘go green’ and lead by example.


Set up your virtual office with Pure Offices

Pure Offices offer virtual offices at all of our 21 centres across the UK – so you can have your virtual office as north as Edinburgh all the way to Leeds, or even Birmingham, Nottingham and Portsmouth.

If you’re looking to reduce your overheads without giving up the benefits of a traditional office, then Pure Offices have got the solution.

If you are interested in renting a virtual office, private office or meeting room – please contact your preferred location directly by completing this contact form.