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Sustainable Serviced Offices With a Net Zero Commitment

31% Carbon Emissions Reduction from 2019 to 2022!

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact our business centres have on the planet with an ultimate goal of proudly saying we are a Net Zero business. We have started this journey with solar panels on the roofs of many of our centres (with more to follow), ensuring all electricity consumed is from sustainable sources, installing low energy lighting at every centre and providing cycling and shower facilities at each location.

We know that doesn’t take things far enough and are currently working on plans to become a Net Zero business in the coming years. We know this result will benefit our customer’s own environmental aspirations and credentials so will be sure to share the progress we make on this journey.

Current initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint

Solar Panels

50% of our centres have PV panels, generating solar energy. We plan to extend this to nearly all centres in 2023.

100% Renewable Electricity

All electricity procured is REGO regulated, guaranteeing supply from renewable sources.

Reduced energy use

Reducing consumption where we can. Low energy lighting (LED), maximising natural light and more energy efficient mechanical upgrades.


We have set a 90% recycling target at our centres to reduce waste going to landfill.

Sustainable Commutes

Cycle, run or walk, we have showers and cycle storage at all locations.

What next?

More solar panels to power our centres

We plan to extend this to nearly all centres in 2023.

Net Zero Target

Environmental consultants RPS are appointed to advise and assist us in our NZ goal.

Healthy Office Environments

As well as being focused on the planet, we are also committed to our office environments, ensuring we provide a productive and enjoyable working environment

Quality & Inspiring Offices

Our offices are designed with wellbeing in mind - quality interiors, fast broadband, high quality lighting & ventilation, and excellent customer service makes for a happy working environment.

Work, Meet, Relax

More than just offices - break out areas and lounges giving occupiers and their teams a choice of areas to meet, relax, and work.

Community & Collaboration

Networking, social and charity events held all year round, making for a strong community and promotes collaboration.

Light & Air

Quality ventilation systems, maximising natural light and using low energy / high quality lighting makes for a comfortable working environment.

Giving Back

At Pure Offices we take our commitment to our community & charity seriously.

That's why we make a point of giving back in any way we can.

Whether it's a volunteering day, treadmill marathon, bake sale or toy collection - we are always looking for new ways to make an impact.

All monies raised at our centres or by our teams will be matched by Pure Offices (up to £1K per centre).

Why not let your Centre Team know which charity you would like to see us support next?

See more about our charity events on our social channels.

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