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What is a Virtual Office?

For home-based entrepreneurs and start-ups looking to gain a more professional image, renting a virtual office could be the perfect solution. It can also serve businesses looking to test a certain area, to project a professional image with a business address whilst not physically occupying the premises.

Usually a virtual office agreement would include a telephone number and postbox which is located at that address.

Virtual Offices are an ideal and cost effective solution for businesses who are, for example, working ‘on the road’ and don’t need a physical office or they would rather work from home to save on costs but need a business address. Some businesses may also be looking to establish a presence in a certain area and need a low cost business address whilst the company grows.

Advantages and disadvantages of virtual offices over physical offices:


-Virtual offices are a very cost effective option if a business doesn’t need a physical office

-Workers can stay at home or work on the road whilst portraying a business address for the company

-Productivity may be increased due to travel times to and from the office being eliminated


-Having a physical office as a place of work can increase productivity and focus for some individuals rather than working at home

-An employer may prefer their staff to be based at a central office rather than at home or on the road

-Virtual offices lack the social interactivity of face-to-face contact with colleagues in the business

Pure Offices offer virtual offices at all of our 21 centres across the UK.

If you are interested in renting a virtual office, private office or meeting room – please contact your preferred location directly by completing this contact form.