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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is a deposit required?

Yes – to get started you’ll need to pay a deposit – equivalent to 1 months’ rent + 1 months’ rent upfront to secure the space.

Is car parking included and can you allocate spaces?

For the majority of our centres, we offer free car parking for both your staff and visitors which can be used on a first come, first served basis. Most of our centres are also easily accessible by public transport. Feel free to contact us for more information on car parking.

When can I access the office?

We know that flexibility is important for modern businesses, which is why all of our centres offer 24/7 access. This means that employees working flexible hours can access the office whenever they need it, giving you the ability to run your business exactly how you like it.

Are business rates included?

Business rates are not included within your monthly licence fee.

If you are a small business with only one office in the UK, you may be eligible for small business rates relief. Over 75% of our customers receive either full or partial rates relief.

Please note that you are responsible for paying rates and applying for any relief yourself, directly with the relevant council.

Is furniture included?

Typically, our clients bring their own furniture or source new pieces to make the space their own. If you don’t have existing furniture, that’s not a problem. Our team will be more than happy to put you in touch with our trusted suppliers or arrange it for you to make the process easier – we can even advise on how to organise your space to boost productivity and well-being.

Our Reading location is the exception here, where offices are rented fully furnished, due to the town centre location.

Are there any additional costs?

All offices come with ultra-fast broadband, one telephone handset, facility management and service charges.

Inclusive utilities and cleaning services vary from centre to centre, so please contact your local team for specifics.

The only other additional charges you’d see are things that you would add on, on an adhoc basis i.e. meeting room hire, post forwarding or outgoing call charges beyond the free minutes you get with your handset.

Are there any social events?

Absolutely – as social butterflies, we run social events at all our centres for clients, their visitors and local businesses to enjoy. You can expect to see fitness classes, charity events, pizza parties, cheesecake pop-ups, competitions, summer parties and so much more. Of course, it’s up to you whether you’d like to get involved, but you’ll always be welcomed with open arms.

You can visit our Instagram or LinkedIn to hear more about our events, or get in touch with your local centre to learn more about their individual social calendar.

What Internet Speeds do Pure Offices provide?

Pure Offices operate on a plug and play system, offering ultra-fast, gigabit enabled broadband.

You will receive speeds of up to 100mbps upload and up to 100mbps download as standard (and included within your rental). Offering both Wi-Fi & hard wire connections.

Further upgrades are available:

Enhanced : Up to 150Mbps Download / 150Mbps Upload (additional cost dependant on office size)
Premium: Up to 200Mbps Download / 200Mbps Upload (additional cost dependant on office size)

The line into the building is contended. If you prefer a guaranteed speed, we offer a ‘Dedicated Bandwidth Slice’ option – please discuss with your Centre Manager.

We also include one VOIP phone for each office with 500 free minutes and a DDi – additional phones are available at an additional cost if needed.

Are there any Net Zero/Sustainability targets in place?

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact our business centres have on the planet with an ultimate goal of proudly saying we are a Net Zero business. We have started this journey with solar panels on the roofs of many of our centres (with more to follow), ensuring all electricity consumed is from sustainable sources, installing low energy lighting at every centre and providing cycling and shower facilities at each location.

We know that doesn’t take things far enough and are currently working on plans to become a Net Zero business in the coming years.

Do Pure Offices support their local communities/charities?

At Pure Offices we take our commitment to our community & charity seriously.

That’s why we make a point of giving back in any way we can.

Whether it’s a volunteering day, treadmill marathon, bake sale or toy collection – we are always looking for new ways to make an impact.

All monies raised at our centres or by our teams will be matched by Pure Offices (up to £1K per centre).

See more about our charity events on our social channels.