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What Size Office Do I Need?

The amount of space a business needs depends on the industry/sector they operate in and how they work.

A call centre, for instance, may have many small desks in banks with flexible partitions to maximise the number of people working in the office and allow for hotdesking. On the other hand, a firm of architects may require a more spacious office with larger desks, meeting rooms for clients and ample storage space.

Workstations vs floor area size

Some companies base their search on ‘workstations’ and others look for space according to floor area size, which is usually measured in square meters (sq m) or square feet (sq ft).

Unlike many serviced office operators, at Pure Offices we rent offices based on the floor area size rather than the number of workstations.

Why? Because this provides our occupiers with the freedom and flexibility to use the space as they wish without having to pay extra for workstations as their team grows.

Caption: How much space you need depends on multiple factors.

How much office space do I need?

Below is a guide setting out how much office space may be required for your team:-

1 person office: 60-150 sq ft

2 person office: 100-200 sq ft 

4 person office: 200-400 sq ft 

Generally, businesses require 50-100 sq ft for each person. In a bid to maximise occupancy and profit, some business centres base their workstation area on as little as 35 sq ft.

We wouldn’t recommend this ratio in most circumstances. As well as feeling cramped, it wouldn’t allow staff to get to and from workstations and move around the room easily.

Remember – when you opt for a serviced solution over a traditional office lease, you share breakout space, kitchens and other facilities with other businesses. This means you only have to factor in the space you need to accommodate desks and general office storage and equipment.


Example office floor plans

The floor plans below demonstrate offices with adequate space. When you rent a workspace through us, you can move desks around to accommodate different styles of working

  1. A spacious two-person office with the potential to add another desk.

  1. An office fit for a team of five.

  1. A 15-person office with two internal offices that can be assigned to management or used as meeting/training rooms.


What to consider when sizing up an office

Every business has its own unique set of requirements. When deciding how much office space you need, start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • How many people will require a desk?
  • How large do my desks need to be?

Note: Nowadays many businesses opt for smaller desks due to less paperwork and laptops being the norm.

  • Can any people share desks?

Note: Desk sharing is becoming more commonplace as companies introduce flexible working. For instance, two employees may work from home for half the week and come into the office on a rota basis. 

  • Do I need any storage space?
  • Do I want the office to be spacious?
  • Do I need a private office or meeting room ?

Will I need to buy my own office furniture?

If you decide to rent an office through Pure Offices, you would generally bring your own office furniture if you already have it or source your own. This gives occupiers the freedom to make the space their own.  Alternatively, our team are happy to assist with this aspect , either organising the furniture for you or putting you in touch with one of our suppliers.

Pure Offices has a wide variety of office sizes at multiple locations across the UK. Our team can show you a range of options, help you establish how much space you need and connect you to a furniture provider if required. In the meantime, take a look at some of our suites…

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