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The Changing Landscape of Office Space & Workplace Culture

In recent times, we have witnessed a remarkable shift in workplace culture and what businesses need from their office space – moving to meet the desires and expectations of employees rather than solely catering to the preferences of employers.

The pandemic played a pivotal role in prompting two-thirds of employees to reflect on the nature of their work, with some even questioning the industries they are in. An astounding 83% of individuals now emphasise the importance of finding meaning in their daily work, favouring this over conventional priorities like salary brackets and career progression. In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, we must ask ourselves the importance of workplace culture when looking for office space.

This blog will explore some of the most significant reasons why workplace culture is so valuable to a company when considering their office space.

Talent attraction and retention:

Recruiting for the right candidate is arguably more challenging now than ever. Trends suggest employees are prioritising workplace culture and values over the conventional checkboxes of monetary compensation and benefits.

Candidates are eager to see their personal values align with those of their prospective employers. This alignment might revolve around a company’s commitment to sustainability or the steps taken to promote employee well-being.

The team at Pure Offices take pride in creating vibrant, community-driven workspaces that promote a sense of belonging. Our 23 locations across the UK are strategically positioned to provide prestigious business addresses, attracting talent and ensuring that your company’s culture is boosted by the office space you rent with us.

pure offices community collage


The age-old notion that relentless, high-pressure work environments are the sole path to productivity is rapidly dying out.

Across various industries, the tide is turning towards workplace cultures that prioritise well-being as the driving force behind productivity and success.

Companies with strong cultures have 23% higher productivity than companies with weak cultures.

Pure Offices place well-being at the forefront of our buildings. Our high spec spaces are designed to create a professional and inviting atmosphere that enhances productivity. We offer a range of flexible office solutions, from private offices to rent and virtual offices, to meeting room hire.


A culture that encourages employees to feel at ease and fosters an environment where they can openly brainstorm and explore new ideas is more likely to breed innovation.

Employee engagement:

Engaged employees are more likely to be productive and content. When selecting an office space that aligns with your company’s culture, consider factors like location, size, amenities and design:

  1. Location: Many companies now hone in to the importance of the location of the office space – ensuring it is convenient for employees to commute.
  2. Size: Opting for the right office size is vital, as it directly impacts the comfort and well-being of your team. At Pure Offices, we understand this need for flexibility and offer the option to scale your office space up or down as your business requirements evolve.
  3. Amenities: The amenities a workspace provides should reflect the culture of the business. For example, a company with a culture of collaboration might want an office space with plenty of breakout space.
  4. Design: The design of your office space significantly influences the atmosphere and productivity of your team. Everything from the choice of wall colours to the incorporation of standing desks and the arrangement of workstations should be carefully considered. The design should create an environment that is both comfortable and inspiring, encouraging your team to do their best work.

Nineteen47 Office at Pure Offices Nottingham

Nineteen 47 have recently moved into a suite at our Nottingham Centre, coming from a traditional leased space, they had a clear vision when designing their new workspace.

In conclusion, as you embark on the journey to find the perfect office space for your business, make sure to prioritise culture and involve your team in the process when and where you can.

A location that eases commuting, a well-sized space that caters to your business needs, thoughtfully selected amenities, and an inspiring design all contribute to a workplace that promotes both productivity and employee satisfaction.

At Pure Offices, we offer flexible solutions and vibrant communities across our 23 UK locations, ensuring that your office space aligns seamlessly with your unique company culture.