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Serviced Offices vs Leased Space: Why is now a good time to go flexible?

With so many businesses currently reviewing their property options and many looking to move from a leased space into a more flexible serviced office, we thought we’d highlight the advantages of opting for the latter – let’s talk Serviced Offices vs Leased Space! 


  1. Hit the ground running

Serviced offices are ready to move into. Moving is a stress-free process – you can simply plug in and you’re good to go! Leased offices, on the other hand, require a lengthy fit out process and additional costs.


  1. Access to facilities

You gain access to shared facilities such as kitchens, lounges and meeting rooms, meaning you’ll pay for less floor space than you would if you were in a leased office.


Serviced Offices vs Longbridge


  1. Flexible agreements

Unlike long, inflexible leases, flexible licence agreements mean you scale up (or downsize) as your business changes, or leave if things don’t work out.


  1. Simpler contract terms

Serviced office contracts are usually on licence agreements – short, sweet and in plain English. No lengthy contracts = no solicitors fees.


  1. Cheaper exit

Whilst occupiers are liable to look after the office they occupy and leave it in good condition when they leave, the serviced option means no nasty dilapidations bills.


  1. Completely hassle-free

Leased spaces require the occupier to juggle additional but necessary property services such as cleaning, mechanical maintenance, broadband, buildings insurance, landscaping…..

…the list goes on!

Most serviced offices have a Centre Team who takes care of running the building so businesses can focus on what matters to them.



“The natural light and decor is great, but aesthetics aside I think many people in our centre would agree that it runs as well as it does because of our Centre Manager. Julie is super organised, very efficient and always has time for people.”

Portsmouth, Pure Offices occupier


  1. All-inclusive cost

Serviced offices tend to operate on an all-inclusive pricing basis so you know what you have to pay each month with no hidden extras. Most of your property costs are taken care of and you’ll only be presented with one bill which covers all your property needs.


What’s included at Pure Offices?

✔️ Private Office

✔️ Service Charge & Buildings Insurance

✔️ Broadband and telephone

✔️ Kitchen and breakout space/business lounge use

✔️ Events


  1. Community aspect

With so many businesses under one roof there’s a huge sense of community, endless networking opportunities and even some fun to be had between working hours with regular social and business events.



  1. Enhanced wellbeing

Many serviced centres have business lounges, giving people a place to go and collaborate or just take time out away from their office environment. The fit out of both the offices and communal areas are designed to inspire and instill a sense of wellbeing.


Serviced Offices vs Longbridge

Serviced Offices vs


  1. Value for money

Whilst the serviced option may initially appear to be more expensive than leased, once you’ve considered the factors above, you may find that it’s in fact a more efficient and viable option for your business.

If you’re one of the growing number of companies considering moving from a leased office to a serviced solution, you’ve come to the right place. We operate flexible workspaces across the length and breadth of the UK – read about our most recent acquisition here!

Our centres can generally accommodate teams of 1-30 people on highly flexible and simple contracts. You can expect inclusive pricing, excellent broadband and hassle-free occupation. Moving in (and out) is easy and the whole process may well be cheaper than you think.

Are you ready to make the move? If so, take a look at our serviced office locations.