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Serviced Offices – Expectations vs. Reality

There are many misconceptions about serviced offices, which we hear about regularly. A serviced office is quite different to a traditional corporate office, yet there are more positives than negatives.

We will discuss some common stereotypes about serviced offices, compared to the truth. Here are the top misconceptions:


1. Bad Wifi

For many people, they picture serviced offices as a space filled with people, all desperately trying to log onto the internet and get a good signal. However, this is not the case. We have superfast broadband with a backup line included and each private office is connected to a shared line individually. 


2. Loud Open Spaces

When picturing a serviced office, you might think of a large room filled with desks – and lots of noise.

However, this is more commonly referred to as a co-working space. We do offer co-working spaces, but your serviced office will be a private, closed-off room/s which can be personalised to your business.


3. Constant Disruption

Some people might think that you won’t be able to focus in a serviced office. However, you will have your own office space which is separate from other businesses, with optional break out areas for your team to use. At Pure Offices, we have ensured a variety of different spaces and common areas, which you can escape to if you need some quiet time. 


4. Expensive To Rent

There is a common misconception that serviced offices are expensive to rent. This may be because you have many different services available to you, such as a reception area, a cleaning service, and a team on hand to help you. However, serviced offices are often cheaper than a rented corporate office, and you won’t be tied into a lengthy contract.


5. For Small Companies & Start-Ups

You may think that serviced offices are only suitable for small businesses and startups, due to the belief that the office space will be small in size. However, at Pure Offices, we offer a wide range of office spaces and there is the option for you to upgrade your space whenever you need. We can help you to find the ideal solution for your company.



If you’re interested in moving your business into a serviced office, get in touch with our friendly team for further information.