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Pure Offices Net Zero Progress So Far

As you may know, Pure Offices have embarked on a Net Zero Journey to become a carbon neutral business and reduce the environmental impact our business centres have on the planet.

Let’s talk about Pure Offices’ Net Zero progress so far…

We have already taken a number of steps towards our goal:

♻️ 100% LED Lighting

♻️ 100% Renewable Energy

♻️ EV Charging Facilities

♻️ Nationwide recycling strategy

♻️ Solar Panels at many of our locations

Solar energy is incredibly environmentally friendly — it doesn’t release any greenhouse gases. The only resource it needs to function is a clean source of water. Solar energy captures the sun’s energy and turns it into electricity to power buildings. When sunlight hits a solar panel, PV cells inside the panel absorb it. Electrical charges are created and these react to an electrical field inside the cell that makes electricity flow.

The Co2 savings from our solar panels speak for themselves, see below for a breakdown of Co2 savings up and down the country in the last year 👇

🌎 Cheltenham = 5.7 tonnes

🌎 Weston = 5.5 tonnes

🌎 Oldbury = 8.2 tonnes

🌎 Swindon = 5.4 tonnes

🌎 Warwick = 6.8 tonnes

🌎 Leamington Spa = 7.7 tonnes

🌎 Welwyn = 5.4 tonnes

🌎 Nottingham = 7.6 tonnes

🌎 Oxford = 12 tonnes

🌎 Gloucester = 24.5 tonnes

🌎 Aylesbury = 10.7 tonnes

🌎 Portishead = 34.5 tonnes

Since Pure Offices commissioned our solar panels in 2014, we’ve already significantly reduced our carbon footprint and saved 1,900 Co2 tonnes in total.

What else have we been up to?

To encourage our occupiers to join us in considering their environmental impact as a business – we have launched ‘Green Days’ to take place at all 23 Pure Offices Centres.

Green Days allow for our occupiers to come together every couple of months and make conscious changes to their day to day habits in the office, all in contributing to saving the planet!

Some initiatives have included –

💡 Working in the natural light instead of using turning the lights on

🚴🏻 Sustainable commutes

📄 Promoting a paperless office

♽ Making full use of the recycling facilities provided

Glyn & Jordan from Transatlantic Shipping, enjoying their green smoothies at Pure Offices in Nottingham.

Throughout 2023 we will continue with our Solar and EV Charger installation programme and continue to make changes to reduce the impact our business has on the planet. We have a view to be ahead of the game and become carbon neutral before the UK target of 2050.