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Pure Offices Farnborough Welcome Doctor Photo

Pure Offices in Farnborough are pleased to welcome new client Doctor Photo to the Town Centre Alexandra Road site.

John and Tom explain what their business actually does: “If you’re selling or letting your house, you’ll want it to stand out in the beauty parade we call, Rightmove. It’s the photos that create the first impression, so they should be top-notch if you want to optimize your price. However, there are a lot of estate agents who have never been shown how to use a camera and some of those have been in the business for 40+years! Doctor Photo teaches agents how to take amazing photos using the same techniques we used to take these… But our main business is visualization for agents all over the UK and in Europe. We edit and optimise around 10000 photos per month. We also provide CGI and virtual furnishing services for agents, allowing them to market empty properties with 3D-rendered, photo-realistic furniture. Here’s our online brochure if you’d like to take a look. You’ll see our Face-lift and Digital Surgery services, as well as Virtual Furnishing and property CGI’s. We look forward to meeting everyone!”

John and Tom decided to move into the Pure Offices Centre because they felt the location was convenient and said “Locating to Ferneberga House had been a positive move for us for many reasons. We now have a private, defined space to grow our business but we also have available a well-appointed meeting room that’s soon to be fitted with a large-screen TV making it perfect for our photography training sessions. Having friendly receptionists and office management is also an asset that will assist with our business growth, hopefully, in the years to come.”

We currently have a couple of vacant offices so if you would like to check out availability and prices, please give the Team a call on 01252 757133.