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Our 2023 Net Zero Update

As the year comes to an end, we have been looking back at our Net Zero contributions throughout 2023.

We have continued to work hard to reduce our carbon footprint with solar installations now complete at 18 of our business centres, with the last 2 installations planned for early 2024.

We advocate solar energy as it is incredibly environmentally friendly — it doesn’t release any greenhouse gases making it a critical step in our journey to becoming Net Zero and providing sustainable office space up and down the country.

The systems we have in place nationwide, are generating renewable energy for our buildings but more importantly, the grid. Below is a summary of how some of our systems are performing:


solar performance pure offices   net zero pure offices


Throughout 2024 we will continue to make changes and encourage our occupiers to join us in order to reduce the impact our business has on the planet. We have a view to be ahead of the game and become carbon neutral before the UK target of 2050.