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5 myths about Serviced Offices that everyone thinks are true

Myth 1. Serviced Offices are expensive

Serviced Offices look expensive, however Serviced Office contracts tend to come as all-inclusive packages.

When you consider what is actually included, it’s not just the rent, it can also (in most cases) include service charges, insurance, cleaning, reception services, utilities (water, electricity), broadband, facilities maintenance and added extras such as endless networking opportunities and employee wellness programmes.

Myth 2. You can’t put your own branding/company logo on the wall or decorate how you like. The office doesn’t feel like your own!

Most serviced offices allow you to decorate and create any layout you want, so that you can brand your office as your own and make it work for your business. Like any leased space – including a conventional office – you simply have to remove any branding when you leave and put the office back to its original (lettable) condition when/if you leave.

Myth 3. Moving into a Serviced Office is a pain and takes time

Imagine if all you had to do was sign a 2 page contract, your phone was connected and ready the day you moved in, your broadband and back up line was in place, and it was just a case of bringing your laptop, furniture and personal items with you.

When you think of it like that, moving into a serviced office is actually really easy and certainly easier than moving into a building you own/manage yourself.

Myth 4. Location, does it matter?

It does matter, because location is important to any business. Serviced Offices are usually found in or near town centres/motorway junctions, where there are good transport and telecom links. You need to be able to get to work without hassle and also be in a convenient place for your clients to visit.

Myth 5. The internet is poor because it’s a shared line

Put simply, this just isn’t true. The level of bandwidth available to businesses now is just phenomenal and there are systems that now specifically support shared buildings, to ensure that you still get the best service.

In most cases, business centre broadband will be better than an individual businesses broadband because they cater for so many different industries with different levels of requirements.

Pure Offices recently took part in the Gigabit Broadband Scheme which means that all of our buildings now hold Gigabit Capable Broadband with standard speeds of up to 100 mbps download & upload.

Pure Offices own and manage Serviced Office Space in over 20 major locations across the UK. We offer smart and affordable serviced office space with simple and flexible agreements which include ultra-fast broadband, a free phone and low call costs.

*inclusive services and facilities vary at each centre – see our full list of locations here – Pure Offices Locations