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Getting to know your local area

We are all sometimes guilty of not really taking an interest in the things that are right under our noses. Here at Pure Office Southwood we wanted to make sure that was not the case for us.

When the opportunity came up to go on a tour of the Farnborough Airport we jumped at it. Especially as this historic site has hosted the famous Air Show since 1948. The guide was so informative and told us all about the ‘Celebs’ that come and go from the site and how they love it as they are generally kept under the radar of the paparazzi! Also, we had a lesson on ‘Samuel Cody’ and relived the few hundred yards of his first flight along the back of the current runway. We even got to go up to the Control Tower and could see our lovely building in the distance over the trees.

Most probably the best thing of all was seeing, up close, some of the stunning private jets in the hangers. Lost in thoughts of owning our own one day and flying off in the sunset has most probably singled handily inspired us to sell, sell, sell offices!!!

We are also working with others in the local area and are hosting a coffee morning with Costco to encourage some of our clients to join up as members in the comfort of their own office. The list of goodies they are bringing with them may help the cause!!!! We have also invited Mars Drinks to attend the event and give out free tasters of all your favourite beverages.

So if you are a local business who is looking for stunning local office space and want to be part of our friendly community give us a call on 01252 756444 and pop over for a coffee with Cheryl Dobson the Centre Manager and have a tour of our building.